Oceanlake Veterinary Clinic Boarding Prices 

Check-in time 10:30-11:15am and 4:45-5:15pm 
Check-out time 9-9:45am and 3:30-4:15pm (if picked up in the afternoon there will be a charge for that day)


Indoor Kennel (50# and under)
-No more than 2 dogs with a combined weight of 40#
$30/night for 1st dog*
Indoor Suite (150# and under)
-No more than 2 dogs with a combined weight of 150#
$35/night for 1st dog*
Indoor/outdoor Kennel (75# and under)
-No more than 2 dogs with a combined weight of 50#
$35/night for 1st dog*
Deluxe Suite (200# and under)
-No more than 2 dogs with a combined weight of 200#
$45/night for 1st dog*
*Each additional dog boarding in same kennel
**If staff at Oceanlake Veterinary Clinic determine it is not safe for 2 pets to share a kennel for any reason, the pets will be housed in separate kennels and Owner will be charged accordingly. If no other kennel is available, Owner will be called to pick up pet. 


Cat Kennel
-No more than 1 cat per kennel
Exotic animals, birds, rabbits, rodents, other pocket pets
*Owner must provide own cage, food, and bedding. 

Add-on Services:

Additional play time (max 1 per day, dog only) $7.50/day
Administering Medication, per pet
*All medications, vitamins, and supplements must be in original container. We cannot take in any medication that is not in original container with prescription label for the pet it is to be given to.
Bath, Dog Small (up to 25#) $45.00
Bath, Dog Medium (26-45#) $50.00
Bath, Dog Large (46-65#) $55.00
Bath, Dog XLarge (66-85#) $65.00
Bath, Dog Giant (over 85#) $75.00

*Bath includes complimentary nail trim

**Please note that we do not have a groomer. The baths offered do not include extensive brush out, clipping of mats, or any other grooming service. If your pet is matted, we will be unable to perform bath and recommend taking your pet to a professional groomer.

  • Dogs boarding for 5+ nights receive 1/2 price bath
  • Dogs boarding for 10+ night receive free bath 
Anal Sac Expression $28.00

All Dog Boarding Includes: Purina EN dry food, daily filled Kong (filled with canned EN dog food only), Kuranda bed, and twice daily playtimes in secured outdoor area (same family only in each play area). 

All Cat Boarding: Purina EN dry food, a homemade catnip toy to take home, stilted Kuranda bed, and twice daily kitty care time. 

  • We do not provide canned food. If you would like your pet to eat canned food, please provide it. 
  • Each animal boarding may bring 1 toy from home. Please no bedding. 

In order to help prevent the spread of canine infectious respiratory illness, we do not accept dogs into our boarding facility who have shown any signs of respiratory illness within 2 weeks of their boarding reservation. This includes coughing and sneezing, etc. 

We do not accept animals to board if they are in heat. If an animal goes into heat during their stay, there will be an additional charge of $20 per day to board. Oceanlake Veterinary Clinic will contact Owner to make them aware of the situation.

Exotic animals - no vaccines required. Please call to inquire about further details.  *Birds must bring own cage


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